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Our guest house in the “Freistadt” Rust consits of two separated and nearby located houses. Constantly ongoing modernization puts us in an excellent position to be able offering modern and comfortable holiday locations with fair prices.



Neusiedlersee Card

We’re member of the Neusiedler See Card which can be converted free of charge in the tourist office. The card is very famous around the lake Neusiedl. It opens a lot of doors without spending money all the time.



The house #1 shown below is located in the Johann von Gabrielgasse no. 3. We life at the ground floor of this house. So we can call this location as “our home”. In the first floor 3 apartetments are installed. Each holiday flat can pick up 2 - 4 person.

GHK4 vorne 43 640

Our house #2 shown below is located in the Siedlungsgasse no. 35. In the front tract of this house a apartment with two separate bedrooms is placed at the ground level. This holiday flat is designed for 4 person. In the rear tract of this house 4 double bed rooms for renting are placed. They are built in two floor levels. The room for breakfast is also located also in the rear part of this house at the ground level.

Guesthouse Kölbl - Siedlungsgasse

A important detail: On all windows insect screens are mounted! FREE WLAN!